How did this awful and terrible Israel client hurt Chinese supplier?

2020-02-14 14:46Peter Jiao

Below Israel company is the main character in this terrible experience. Lets know his full contact information first.

Alon Shay

Wonder fix Ltd

Moshav netaim - netaim 7687000


Vat number: 515659530

Cell phone and whatsapp: 00972 52 392 2270

Lets start the story to explain how this Israel importer cheat below Chinese supplier.

Peter Jiao

China Hua Mei Industrial Co Ltd

Shanghai, China

On June 23, 2019, Peter Jiao received an email inquiry from Mr. Alon Shay, from middle east Asia, Israel country. Mr Alon needed plastic blisters which Peter Jiao can supply and manufacture.

After Peter Jiao offer quotation and mould cost to Alon, Alon accepted quotation, and send his original blister samples from Israel to Peter Jiao by EMS post courier. After a few times communication by email, Whatsapp, and telephone calling, Alon approved Peters Pro Forma invoice, counter sample quality, transferred 1000usd to Peters China Hua Mei Industrial Co Ltd bank account.

Every thing till now is still good.

On Oct 4, 2019, after Peter Jiao send out the blister shipment to Alon, Peter Jiao started to ask for balanced 1600usd from Alon. Alon began to not reply emails or whatsapp messages to Peter Jiao on time.

On Oct 28, 2019, blister shipment reached to Israel Ashdod seaport, Alon still not paid balanced 1600 usd to exporter Peter Jiao. Peter sent emails, whatsapp messages and made many callings to Alon to ask for balanced 1600usd, Alon always say he is busy this week, or he is outside office, find lots of excuses that he is too busy and dont have time to make payment yet. On phone and whatsapp messages, Alon always promised he will return to office and go to bank to make payment to Peter, but Alon never kept his promise and always retract his words. In most peoples minds, Israel is a developed country, honest nation and people, always keep promise , now does Alon want to hurt Israels good national reputation? Alon said no, he will made payment to Peter Jiao when he return to company.

On Dec 4th, 2019, the blister shipment already stayed at Ashdod seaport for more than one month. Both Peter Jiao and logistic company pushed Alon to make payment and take the goods from Ashdod port, it occurs storage fee for Consignee Alon Shay after the plastic blister goods reached to Ashdod port for more than one month. Alon Shay always said he was not in office and will make payment to Peter when he returned to office. Peter trusted this Alon Shay who is from Israel, get promise that Alon will make payment when he returns to office. Peter send telex released Bill of Lading to Alon, Alon Shay received the plastic blister goods from Ashdod port, but Alon never transferred 1600usd to Peter Jiao for the plastic blister goods.

Peter and his colleagues called Alon Shay (00972 52 392 2270) several times to ask for 1600 usd shipment. Unfortunately, Alon Shay never replied to Peters whatsapp messages, always say he will make 1600usd payment to Peter Jiao next week again and again. Now Peter Jiao and his colleagues dont trust Alon Shay anymore, they think Alon Shay will not like to make the payment to Peter. Alon Shay deeply hurt Israel national reputation by his awful and terrible characters.

At last, Peter Jiao and his colleagues hope to get help and support from other enthusiast who can push Alon Shay to make payment 1600usd to Peter Jiaos company, it will help to protect Israel international reputation in all exporters mind. China and Israel are friendly countries to each other.

If anyone can help Peter Jiao, please feel free to contact . Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help.

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