Research on Strategic Development for China Hua Mei Industrial Co Ltd

2019-06-19 22:06Peter Jiao(JiaoXuRan)

With the launch of the National New Health Care Reform Policy, China has pointed out in both the 13th Five-Year Plan and the China Manufacturing 2025 Plan that our country will encourage the development of medical devices and other industries. In the future, China will usher in an important period of medical device development, and the medical instruments industry is facing important development opportunities.

The research on medical instruments regulations and market status for China, European Union and the United States, provides important information for the strategic development of China Hua Mei Industrial Co Ltd in domestic, European and American medical instruments markets.

Taking the strategic development of China Hua Mei Industrial Co Ltd as our research object, this thesis has analyzed the macro-environment of the medical device industry, the competition situation in the industry, the development opportunities and challenges of the medical industry incorporating PEST models, five-force models, SWOT and other important analytical tools. The research further identified the strategic development status of China Hua Mei Industrial Co Ltd., the advantages and opportunities of the company, and proposes a suitable strategic development strategy. This thesis not only solves problems faced by the companys development, but also provides the path and measures to achieve the strategic development goals, and proposes corresponding safeguard measures to promote the implementation of the company's strategic development goals. It proposes two paths for the strategic development, proposes a differentiated competition strategy for domestic medical instruments market, proposes a high-quality and low-price strategy for European and American medical instruments market.

The analysis of medical devices industry and the strategic development plan proposed by China Hua Mei Industrial Co Ltd will provide important theoretical and data support for the company's future strategic development, and provide research reference for the strategic development of other enterprises in the medical instruments industry.

Key Words: Medical instruments; Medical devices; Surgical instruments; Strategic   

           Development; Development strategy